Friday, August 26, 2016

My Ship Has Come In

I got this once-in-a-lifetime money making offer in today's e-mail. I'm going to jump on this opportunity before someone else does. If you need me, I'll be at my sprawling country estate.

Supply This Product To Our Company


Sorry for intruding into your privacy!
I got your email from an e-marketing company so i decided to let you know a business that will benefit both of us for now and on the long run which is 100% risk free.

Our company urgently needs (Amanaxiatozin Liquid) a raw material which is found in India. It is the major liquid material our company has been using for the production of animal injections and vaccines for research since 2005. Our company is currently buying the mentioned product at the rate of $47,000 USD per gallon from a supplier in India. I know you would be wondering why i am not contacting the seller directly but due to language barrier and other things i had to contact you regarding the matter.

I knew that this same material is sold by the Manufacturer at the rate of USD $29,000 per gallon and i can't let anyone in our company know about this because of my interest in the profit. I want to present you as a supplier in India (which you will be a middleman between our company and the local vendor/supplier in India) to supply our company.

If you are willing to have a tie with me based on agreement, I will send you my director's contact detail where you can contact him with an offer and as soon as possible and if he indicates interest to buy from you, then you will let him know the stock is ready and you are willing to supply at the normal price per gallon. I will also forward you the contact details of the company where you will get the material in India. As i mentioned earlier that the companies selling price in India is USD $29,000 per gallon and then all profits accrued would be shared between you and me, 60% to you and 40% of the net profit to me, after deduction of all your expenses, etc. This would be a long term business relationship between you and our company.

Get back to me via my email ID:(

Awaiting your reply. With best wishes


Mr Shawqy Elwaily

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Shamus Nominee

Congratulations to Dave "Evan" Lewis on his Shamus Award nomination for the short story "The Continental Opposite," which appeared in the May 2015 issue of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. This feat is all the greater when you consider he scratched it out on pieces of birch bark using a blackened twig.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Bill Crider

     As many of you know, Bill Crider is facing a very serious health issue right now. To say I'm devastated is an understatement. Bill and I have been friends since the 1980 Bouchercon. We were in Dapa-Em together from when I joined in 1979 until it stopped publishing in 2004. Bill never missed contributing to a mailing. He never missed contributing to MDM, my letterzine (200 issues), or OWLHOOT, the Western apa I ramrod (55 issues to date). He tuckerized me in many of his writings. Bill claims authorship of about 60 books but the total is much higher. He ghosted scores of books for friends over the years, many in the male action or Western line. He's too modest or honest to claim credit for them.
     If not for Bill my paltry two books wouldn't have been published. He's the one who recommended me to Five Star and I wouldn't be surprised if he put in a good word.
     When I was Fan Guest of Honor at the 1997 Bouchercon, Bill introduced me.
     Bill Crider has been a solid constant in my life for decades. Sometimes I wonder why. He's modest, quiet, and unassuming. I'm lacking in tact and many other social graces (but I'm working on it). He's a hard-working achiever. I'm lazy. He runs, I haunt my recliner. Maybe it's the odd couple phenomenon.
     Whatever it may be, I admire, respect, and envy Bill Crider for who he is, what he's done, and his subtle wit. Did you know he's a PhD.? A lot of people with that accomplishment would insist on being called Doctor. Not Bill, not in his dealings with the public or among friends.
     I'm hoping as hard as I can that the next time I write about him it'll be to tell you that he's back as big as ever, healthy and strong and still modest. Whatever your spiritual leanings, it might be nice to offer up a prayer, dance around a fire, draw a pentagram, chant, or whatever you do to invoke good spirits to help with his recovery.
     Thank you.

Bill is the one with the book. I'm the wise guy giving him horns. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Happy Anniversary

     Three years ago today Kristine, my little one, married Jacob Jorgensen. As you know they now have a baby girl, Klara, who will be seven weeks tomorrow. That's them with me; I was having one of my usual bad hair days.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

One Month Old

     Klara turned one month old yesterday, July 2, and she was over at the house for lunch. The top photo shows her on my lap and the lower one has her on a pillow as proud papa Jacob looks on. She gained about three pounds since she was born and feels like a little sack of rice. She has big blue eyes and lists her hobbies as eating, sleeping, and filling her diaper.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Is This Your Candidate?

Broomstick One
Quotes from Hillary Clinton....

There it is, chapter and page.......the real Hillary!

Hillary's actual  words:
      (1)  "Where is the Goddamn flag? I want the Goddamn  fucking flag up every morning at fucking sunrise.
          From the book "Inside the White House" by Ronald  Kessler, p. 244 Hillary to staff at the Arkansas Governor's mansion on Labor Day 1991.

      (2)  "Fuck off! It's enough I have to see you shit-kickers every day! I'm not going to talk to you, too!! Just do your Goddamn job and keep your mouth shut."  
          From the book "America Evita" by Christopher Anderson, p.90; Hillary to her State Trooper  bodyguards after one of them greeted her with  "Good  Morning. "

      (3)  "If you want to remain on this detail, get  your fucking ass over here and grab those  bags!"
          From  the book "The First Partner" p. 259; Hillary to  a Secret Service Agent who was reluctant to carry her luggage because he wanted to keep his hands
          free in case of an incident. 
       (4) "Stay the fuck back,  stay the fuck back away from me! Don't come  within ten yards of me, or else! Just fucking do as I say, Okay!!?"
           From the book "Unlimited Access" by Clinton 's FBI  Agent-in-Charge, Gary Aldridge, p. 139; Hillary  is screaming at her Secret Service detail. 
       (5) "Where's the miserable cock sucker?" (otherwise known as "Bill  Clinton")        
             From  the book "The Truth about Hillary" by Edward  Klein, p.5; Hillary shouting at a Secret Service officer.

        (6) "You fucking idiot"
             From the book "Crossfire" ~p. 84; Hillary to a State Trooper  who was driving her to an event.

        (7) "Put this on the  ground! I left my sunglasses in the  limo. I  need those fucking sunglasses! We need to go  back!
             From the book "Dereliction of Duty" p. 71-72;  Hillary to Marine One helicopter pilot to turn  back while enroute to Air Force One. 
        (8) "Come on Bill, put your dick up! You can't fuck her here!!"
             From the book "Inside the White House" by Ronald  Kessler, p. 243; Hillary to Gov. Bill Clinton when she spots him talking with an attractive female 
This ill-tempered, violent, loud-mouth, hateful, and  abusive woman wants to be your next President and have total control as Commander and Chief of our military, the very military for which she has shown incredible disdain throughout her public life.

Remember her most vile  comment about Benghazi:  "what difference at this  point does it make?" 

 Remember what class Laura and George W. Bush brought to the White House and how they treated the Secret Service detail and the military. They even spent some  Christmas holidays at Camp David instead of the Texas  ranch so the Secret Service detail could spend  the holidays with their  families.

Now it is clear why the crew of "Marine One" helicopter nick-named the craft "Broomstick ONE" ! 

Operation Overlord Commences

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Baby Pictures

    If you haven't seen the photo of my new granddaughter, here she is. That's Klara Jean Jorgensen at one day old.
     The others are my 5-year-old granddaughter Sofia, taken about three weeks ago by Melina Gabbard-Shields, a nice young lady walking around taking photos at Point Defiance Park.