Monday, August 15, 2011

My Daughter, the Psychic

My older girl said she dreamed last night that I'd win a jackpot at the casino today, on the dragon slot machine. I played a couple of them and won nothing. They don't have jackpots anyway, just bonuses. I ended up at a progressive slot called Quick Hits and POW, eight Quick Hit symbols came up. I won $1733.18. It took a good half hour to deal with all the paperwork connected to this win (I'll have to pay taxes next year), but it was nice to finally hit big. The attached photo was taken on my daughter's phone. I don't know if it'll be clear enough to see the winnng symbols, but it's the best I have. The Quick Hit is the one that looks like a red ball. Middle of the first column, etc.


Anonymous said...

So, you don't normally pay taxes? How do you manage that?

Evan Lewis said...

What percentage is the psychic getting?

Cap'n Bob said...

I pay lots of taxes. The money I won has to be declared on next year's tax form. If I was a billionaire I wouldn't have to pay any taxes, of course.

The psychic got $200.