Sunday, March 03, 2019

The girl of my dreams

     I got this email this evening. Sounds like a keeper.

Nice to write you this message and have a good day. Very good that 
we able to begin this conversation with this type of internet,
it is very new and interesting for me. And if you'll have an interest 
in me.  you are single and serious man, and you looks for a woman who 
save you from the horror of loneliness? And hope I'm not mistake and 
likewise looking for half in life who will save me from same.
And my name is Alina. I would like to hear more about you and I would
tell, much more about myself.
I hope that our plans are similar and so we can start our dialogue on
this beautifulnote. I heard that the Internet, here, a lot of men who
wants only nude pictures,but I hope you aren't such a person and wont
impair our relations by such things.
Hopefully we will start this connect. I want to speak with man who have
 serious life intentions, knows how to do it, hard work and wait for the
 changes. My country named Azerbaijan.


Evan Lewis said...

Did you ask her for the nudies yet?

George said...

Bob, obviously this young woman deserves your tutelage.

Cap'n Bob said...

I'd ask for a nude photo but I don't want to cheapen this beautiful relationship.