Sunday, November 02, 2008

Unashamed Plug

My friend Dave Lewis, from Portland, has a short story on a site called Reflection's Edge. Don't let the New Age title fool you. The story is a western (Texas in 1830) and told with Dave's whimsical touch. You'll like it. Trust me. Here's the edress:

Oh yeah, he uses the name Evan Lewis for some reason.

A Busy October

I'm glad October is over. It was way too busy for a lazybones like me. On the 5th I took my younger girl, Kristine, to Arizona to visit my mother and two sisters. It was good to see everyone, but getting things in motion so we could manage to meet and do something usually ate up an entire day. I'm used to just popping out the door and burning up the road when I have somewhere to go.
My mother has a dial up connection to the Internet and I'd forgotten how sloooooooow that is. I couldn't get my e-mail, either. I had some serious withdrawls while I was there.

My big tourist excursion was taking Kristine to Tombstone. We saw the old courthouse (now a museum), the tourist trap western buildings, a film/diorama presentation about the history of Tombstone, and of course a re-enactment of the famous Gunfight at the OK Corral. The fellow who portrayed Doc Holliday was especially effective, although whoever wrote the script added a few facts of his own making, methinks. Like, Wyatt Earp's step-daughter was sweet on one of the Cowboys, as the McLaurey-Clanton faction was called. That may have been true, but none of the movies or articles I've seen mention it. More bizarre was the suggestion that Doc Holliday fomented the gunfight, and no explanation is given for this skullduggery. Finally, though no one can say for certain who fired the first shot at the gunfight, they have Doc starting the battle by shooting his scattergun into the air. Those caveats aside, we liked the show. And as an added bonus we were the first audience to see the re-enactment under a canopy. I'm glad they installed it, as sitting around in that hot Arizona sun is no pleasure for me.

I took a second week off work when I got back, catching up on mail and laundry for the first two days and doing something important and useful after that, I'm sure. Most of my weekends since were eaten up with family obligations or medical appointments. Like the colonoscopy I had on the 24th. What fun. The procedure itself was a snap; I slept through most of it, but that glop one has to drink the evening before is disgusting.
If you're wondering, I'm okay.

Now we have November and the election coming up in two days. It doesn't look good for McCain, and I hope Mr. Redistribution of Wealth doesn't screw things up any worse than they are. I've been tracking my tiny investment for the past month. At one point it was down about $10,000. Right now it's down $7,000. If the market goes up I might get back to where I was. I hope so, I need every nickel I can get.