Wednesday, September 29, 2004

29 Sep 04

I made two phone calls today. The first was to the community college to ask about the guitar class I'd enrolled in. They told me it had been canceled and that I'd get a refund in two weeks. Good thing I called because there's no way they would have told me about the cancellation otherwise. I'll believe the refund is coming when I see it. All in all I'm very disappointed. I really wanted to take that class.

Next I called my shyster and told him to settle my lawsuit. I was rear-ended on July 23, 2002 by some idiot and since then I've had a bum shoulder. The lawyer seems reluctant to make a settlement unless I have my arm amputated, but I prefer to keep it. In a week I should learn what, if anything, I'll get from this.
Lest anyone think I'm some faker out for easy money, let me assure you that I live with pain in my shoulder every day, that I can't lift heavy objects or raise my arm high or put strain on it without pain. When I wake up in the morning it's virtually paralyzed and I couldn't beat a ten-year-old kid arm wrestling. Whatever I get, and it won't be much, I'd gladly return to have a normal shoulder again.

One of the things that was lost when I deleted my old blog was a much-deserved paean to Ed Gorman. This was occasioned by the announcement by Ed that he was folding his blog, Ed'a Place, due to the weight of other obligations. Today, out of habit, I checked his site again and was elated to learn that he will continue his blog, although with less participation from him. Other people will help bear the load and any of them are well worth reading.
But I'd like to go on record as saying that Ed Gorman is the brightest spot in modern publishing. He's done more to help newcomers get a leg up and old timers remain unforgotten than anyone I can think of. He also seems to me to be an extraordinarily humane and compassionate individual. Every time I walk away from something he wrote I feel as though I've had my eyes opened by someone of tremendous heart and insight. He's a hell of a writer, too.

THE ALAMO is now out on DVD. I wonder how many people will spend the $20 or whatever it costs to see it when they wouldn't spend half that to see it in the theaters. I'm a big Alamo fan (the real one) and admit I was disappointed in the movie, but I'll get the DVD and see if there was something in it I missed the first time around. Like a serviceable story.

Ichiro watch: There isn't much to cheer about for Seattle Mariners fans this season, but Ichiro's charge for the record number of hits is the one bright spot. He's going to make it unless he breaks a leg in the next game or two, so let's prepare to doff our hats to this incredible achievement.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Did you miss me?

In order to change the title of this blog I had to destroy it and start anew. Sorry if I disappointed those of you who are starved for natter and ennui.
I wish I could redo the long post I created last night, but I can barely recall what it was about. I know I talked about my odd work schedule, which runs from 10 o'clock Friday night to 8:30 Tuesday morning. That's four 10 1/2 hour shifts. So here it is Tuesday evening and I'm trying to stay up as late as I can so I'll be up during the day tomorrow, Wednesday. Normally I sleep days.

Both Linda and Kristine have had colds/flu the past couple of days so they stayed home. I expect to come down with something before the weeks is out since whenever one of us is sick the rest of us catch it.
Kristine missed her riding lesson today, so it was just Steff and one other girl in there.

All for now.