Friday, September 30, 2011


So, did anyone else win $1631.29 playing the slots today, or was it just me? Yep, I hit eight Quick Hit symbols and collected the above-named sum. This is the same game (but not the same machine) on which I won $1733 about 5-6 weeks ago.
There's a bit of a back story. I was on the machine next to this one and the lady playing the winning machine was doing all right. But she said she had to leave and I took over her machine. She came back a little later and took a slot and the end of the row--four machine away. You can imagine her chagrin when I hit the big money on the machine she'd abandoned. Also, I was in dire need to hit the latrine and almost walked off, but decided to play a little longer. And, BOOM! Jackpot.

I've been away from the blog for a while, but not vegetating completely. I've been to Portland and back, read a number of books, finished a batch of jigsaw puzzles, wasted time at the casino, took Molly to obedience class, and generally did all the usual lazy retiree activities. More when I get my pix ready.