Tuesday, February 26, 2013


What a week so far. It's Linda's birthday today and last night her mother died. Plus, our sewer is clogged.

Corinne Johnson Wise, nee Krona, was 95. For her final 15 days she ingested neither food nor liquids. One tough old bird. She was married to Russell Johnson (no, not the Professor from Gilligan's Island) for around 60 years, and after he died married Fred Wise. Fred passed away about seven years ago.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ma

My mother turned 90 today. I'm happy to report she's doing very well and living on her own in a seniors' apartment complex.

If I would credit anything to her longevity it's housework. She has always been phobic about keeping the home tidy and spotless. I remember visiting her about ten years ago and staying in the guest room. I got up one morning to go to the can and when I got out a few minutes later the bed was made.

She is also deathly afraid of rodents.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Playing Catchup

     I was having trouble with my blog during January, it wouldn't allow me to browse for photos. Today I tried again and it worked. I love capricious computers.

     So let me mention a few items that went unheralded since I stopped blogging.

Jan 16--my father's birthday. Alas, he died in 1977, age 59, of emphysema. Thanks, Chesterfields.
Jan 17--I got out of the Army.
Feb 1--Molly, my German shepherd, turned two. That's her in the photo with her frisbee.

     I spent about a week in the middle of January with a cold. I still have a cough but feel fine.

     I really didn't expect this blog to work properly so I have nothing else prepared.

     The Superbowl ended a few hours ago and while I wasn't surprised by the outcome I have to say it wasn't what I'd hoped for. There weren't too many boneheaded calls by the officials but a couple of them hurt the Niners and may have affected the outcome of the game.

     And so it goes.