Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Those wonderful people at Ticketmaster

My older daughter wanted a ticket to see a band called Mindless Self Indulgence. The ticket cost $22. Unfortunately, the only way to buy a ticket was through Ticketmaster. I've used them before, always with reluctance and distaste, but these days their outrageous costs seem to have gone from bad to criminal. By the time I was finished paying all their fees ($8.00+ "convenience fee," $5.00+ "service fee"), charges and taxes the ticket ran $38.58. If I had purchased their $6.00 ticket insurance the total would have been more than twice the cost of the ticket. I felt like I had borrowed money from a Mafia loan shark by the time the dust had settled. Is it any wonder they're called Ticket Bastards?


George said...

A friend of mine bought tickets online for the Yankees vs. the Blue Jays in Toronto this summer. He was hit with a $10 "handling fee" per ticket plus a $48 "access charge" for the "convenience" of buying the tickets on the Internet! What a scam!

WNelWeb said...

Amazing what some companies can get away with, isn't it? And we let 'em do it!
What happened to you should be criminal. It is certainly reprehensible.