Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back From Vegas

I spent the 20th thru the 26th in Las Vegas, playing slots at some of the better casinos on the southern strip. A few comments:

Don't stay at Harrah's. It's not a fleabag, but the rooms lack coffee makers (not that I drink the swill, but Linda does). The climate control was a joke. The hoydens in the next room were too loud. Okay, the latter could have happened anywhere, but thicker walls would have helped. The TV in the room was of low quality, too.

If you can walk along the strip for more than ten feet without some pimp trying to press a flyer for escorts in your hand, you beat my record.

If the street pimps aren't enough, the ones waiting in all the shopping areas and hotels add to one's annoyance. These aren't selling escorts, but show tickets or some other crap I didn't want.

It was hot. In the neighborhood of 106 every day.

Everyone lies. Every deal has fine print. The hotel's alleged airport shuttle doesn't exist.

The braised pork and eggplant I had at Ming's had less meat than a can of Campbell's pork and beans. Not a bad meal, but the menu was misleading. Linda's chicken dish had no chicken meat.

The buffet at Harrah's was mediocre.

Prices were high for most things. The only deals I got were from my rewards card, which made lunch at Toby Keith's just $15 and Ming's under $7.00, for two.

I had my first encounter with an airport body scanner leaving LV. You have to remove everything from your pockets--front and back--and hold them over your head while they flash you. Okay, not so bad. But then you have to go to another TSA idiot who looks through the items you had in your hand.

The art show at the Bellagio was a dissappointment. Small, and with a lot of artists I'd never heard of. Not that I keep up with artists, but all I knew were Monet (one small painting), and one Lichtenstein (IIRC. The guy who does op art with dots)

On the up side:

The toilet at Harrah's was great. It sucked overthing away in the blink of an eye.

Some of the casinos were works of art. Caesar's Palace, The Venetian, The Bellagio, and The MGM Grand were nice to visit.

The dancing water show at the Bellagio's pool was neat.

The lions at the MGM Grand were great.

The foot-long hot dog was tasty.

I hit some nice wins on the slots.

We got Lorna Doones on the airplane.


Bill Crider said...

Those last two items are almost enough to constitute a good time.

Cap'n Bob said...

Did I mention the beautiful girls? Acres of them.

pattinase (abbott) said...

We checked out of our room in five minutes this time. I have now learned I cannot get a decent room for under $200 in a city or resort. It took me a lot of times to get this.

George said...

It's been a few years since I last visited Vegas, but the stay at the Monte Carlo was affordable and enjoyable. Glad to hear you won some money. I just go to Vegas for the shows and the food. And, I would never go in the summer. Those 100 degree temps would melt me!

D Gary Grady said...

I was thinking about going to Vegas since I've never been there, so your succinct report was very useful, if mainly to give me second thoughts. (Though your later comment about acres of beautiful girls is giving me third thoughts.)

On the airport body scanner: I always empty my pockets into my carry-on bag before I go through security, which saves a lot of time. Incidentally, I understand some people don't like the thought of somebody supposedly seeing them naked in the scanner image. My take is, if somebody sees me naked, which of us is really worse off?