Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kit of the Day

The oddest thing about this Bigfoot model kit from AMT is the Glow in the Dark feature. If Bigfoot really glowed in the dark those goobers on TV wouldn't have to use infrared film; they'd find him wandering around the woods at night easily. Or maybe just that little puddle glows and he doesn't.

The next oddest thing is the scale, 1/12. To know the scale of something you have to know the size of the original. Since no one has ever measured the elusive Bigfoot, we can't know if the size of the model is 1/12 the size of the original. If there is an original.

Also, note the human skull on the ground and leg bone in his fist. Maybe some of those Sasquatch hunters discovered a more formidable foe than they expected.

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