Thursday, December 04, 2014

Throwback Thursday

     Rather than post a picture of me or a family member, I thought I'd pay tribute to a show that gave me great pleasure when I was a lad, THE ADVENTURES OF SPIN AND MARTY. David Stollery (left) played Marty Markham, an orphan being raised by his wealthy grandmother who is sent to the Triple-R Ranch for the summer to learn how to be a regular boy. Tim Considine (right) played Spin Evans, a normal kid who, though disgusted with Marty's haughty ways at first, gives him the benefit of the doubt and eventually befriends him. Also in the cast were Roy Barcroft, Harry Carey, Jr., and J. Pat O'Malley. The idea of spending a summer at a horse ranch seemed like heaven to me and the show had humor, heart, and adventure to boot.
     Alas, the following year's episodes brought in that unbearable Disney staple Moochie and a plot about putting on a show with a girls' camp that suddenly appeared nearby.


Bill Crider said...

The best part of that show was Annette.

Cap'n Bob said...

She was in the second season.

Kristine Jorgensen said...

I just read a bunch of your blog posts I was really behind on. Love all the family TBT pictures.