Thursday, June 18, 2015

Throwback Thursday and Other Memories

     Fifty years ago this month I graduated from high school, and good riddance. I was also the lead singer of The Violations, which was odd because I wasn't much of a singer. Also in the band was Joe Travis (lead guitar/vocals), Bob Juanillo (rhythm guitar), Ronnie Morrisey (drums) and Johnny Kane (bass). Joe was a prodigy and by the time he was in his mid-teens could play circles around anyone in the county. Now, he and Bob are dead; I don't know anything about Ronnie and Johnny.
     Before the summer was out I had been replaced. I didn't blame the guys at all. What little voice I had was shot. Nowadays I sound like a strangled cat when I exercise my pipes.
     The Violations continued for many years with the usual personnel changes. I missed being in the band because it not only was a lot of fun, but I--a skinny geek who was dismissed by every teenage girl as beneath contempt--was now given google eyes by these same creatures. What a difference a microphone makes.

     There are no photos of the group so I'm using a 1964 Beatles picture. Naturally, we did a bunch of their songs--the ones that weren't too challenging vocally, of course.


Bill Crider said...

Too bad there are no photos of the Violations. Or video. That would be great.

George Kelley said...

Many of today's singers sound like strangled cats. You fit right in!

Cap'n Bob said...

There was no video in 1965 but it would have been nice.