Friday, August 11, 2017

The MonaLisa Twins

     I've been listening to this duo for months and I'm glad I have the chance to give them a wider audience, even if that audience is the five people who read this blog. Mona and Lisa Wagner are from Austria and are roughly 20 years old. They are twins and they grew up appreciating music from the sixties--Beatles, Stones, etc. They've recorded a lot of cover versions of songs from these groups and they are very good. Here's one example, and you can find a bunch more on YouTube.

     The blonde is Mona and I've already pledged my troth to her. Sorry, guys.

     By the way, this was recorded at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, where the Beatles got their start.


Bill Crider said...

Good stuff, Cap'n. Thanks.

Cap'n Bob said...

Check 'em out on YouTube. I like them so much I ordered their CD of original songs, which is unheard of with me.