Monday, February 12, 2018

Bill Crider

Our cherished friend Bill Crider died today. Words are inadequate. He'll be missed by family, friends, and fans alike. The world is poorer for his loss. My heart is heavy.

Goodbye, old pard. It was a great ride.


George said...

Bill Crider was a good friend. I have a lot of great memories of Bill and Judy. Two great people! Today is a sad day for all of us who knew Bill.

Rick Robinson said...

Such a sad day, though we knew it was coming. In every respect, a truly wonderful man.

Jerry House said...

Thanks for starting this post with "Our cherished friend," which includes everyone who has ever had contact with Bill, either in person, on-line, or through his books and stories. Few, if any, have been as universally loved as Bill.