Sunday, November 21, 2004

Apple Cup

I got a great birthday present. My girl Steff was with me, laughing and looking pretty as ever. I'm sure it was effort for her to be up and around that early, but she's a trouper.

I watched the Apple Cup through sleepy eyes Saturday afternoon. Wazoo beat the U-Dub, as expected. Still, it was a close game and the Huskies might have pulled it out if they had a decent passer. By the end of the fourth quarter I was dozing on and off. I guess I didn't get enough sleep that day. I don't know what it is about me lately, but I'm getting like our cat, who sleeps about 22 hours a day. Seems I'm tired all the time. Maybe I need Geritol.

I just finished the Kit Carson book I mentioned in an earlier blog. The title was Blood Rendezous and the author Doug Hawken. I've read several books about mountain men, by several authors, and usually the patois is so thick I can barely wade through it, but this one kept the dialect down to a minimum, for which I am grateful.

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Bill said...

I took the Huskies and the points in the football pool I participate in, so I was happy with the outcome of the game. You need to sleep more on the job so you can enjoy your free time.