Friday, November 19, 2004

Felice Navidad

It's that time again, when the old Cap'n adds another tick mark to the prison cell wall of life. In other words, I'm a year older. No smarter, no richer, no prettier, and certainly no healthier, but by god I'm older. I'm giving myself the gift of sloth by staying home from work. I'm also taking the family to a barbecue joint for dinner. I can't get too excited about the whole megilla because my mind has been on Stephanie, my older girl. She's been weaning herself off her antidepression medications for the past two or three weeks and right now she's in a deep funk. She sleeps a lot and hasn't emerged from the house for a while. She's been too weak to make her horseback riding lessons and I can only imagine the torment she's going through.

I saw a movie recently, not of my own choosing. Shall We Dance is a so-so chick flick that has its moments, and some good ballroom dancing, but ultimately left me asking a lot of questions and wondering if there were three different script writers who never conferred with one another. The plot had more blind alleys than Byzantium. Some of the characters had to struggle with inane motivations and dialog. I was struggling to see how the director would disguise the heft of J Lo's butt.
Naturally, as soon as the film started a couple sat sown behind us and started yakking. I shut them up toot sweet, but I couldn't identify nor stop whoever was farting in my vicinity.
I hate going to movies when other people are there.

Winter's approaching. The yard is covered with leaves. I am not a big fan of yard work, but eventually I'll get to it. I was hoping the wind storm we had last night would blow the leaves away, but it didn't happen. Looks like I'll have to break out the leaf blower (which is slower than raking) and create some noise pollution. The nice thing about this blower is that it converts into a leaf vacuum/mulcher.

Reading has been sharply curtailed this past month. I'm creaking along on a book about Kit Carson, one of those series books about adventures he never had. Light fare, but just what I feel like reading at the moment.


Bill said...

Happy Birthday, Cap'n, and may you have a hundred more. And I hope Steff is doing better soon.

Frank Denton said...

Just catching up on reading various blogs. So a belated Happy Birthday. We all grow old, sooner or later. Later is better.