Thursday, September 21, 2006

Who is mysterydick (and why is he saying all those nice things about me)?

Powell's City of Book in Portland, OR, is taking preorders for my book for $30.95. That's five bucks over retail. You can get a better deal at Barnes & Noble, but they don't have the following review:

"Strap yourself into your easy chair and get set for a wild ride. Love, Death, and the Toyman is very likely the world's first hardboiled toy dealer novel.
Actually, hero Jack Lorentz is a former hardboiled investigative reporter turned baby-boomer collectible trader who gets sucked back into action by a sexy ex-finace and her aristocratic in-laws. Jack confronts a cast of wicked and wacky characters in his quest to discover who dumped a body (or is it two?) on the family's exclusive resort property. It's a whirlwind tale of mystery, sex, love, politics, humor, snobbery, adultery, violence, tenderness, Doo-Wop, a Lone Ranger wrist watcht and a Betty Boop mantle clock, sweeping you along to a slam-bang finish. It's a shotgun blast in the pants! Buy it!"

Rated five out of five stars by mysterydick

This is the first review I've seen from someone outside my circle of family an friends, and it's wonderfully flattering. Whoever you are mysterydick, thank you.


Bill said...

Clearly mysterydick is a discerning reader with excellent taste.

Andy J said...

"A shotgun blast in the pants" is great but I must admit I'm a little put off by the mysterydick moniker. I'm sure it's a great book but I'll probably wait for the movie. Do they throw in a lapdance for that $32?

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

No lapdance. You need to be a cop for a free one of those. Go to B&N's site and you can pick up a copy for $18 plus change.
C'mon, Andy, buy a damn copy. You waste so much money on books you'll never read what's one more?