Monday, September 07, 2009

An Experiment

These are lead copies of the Marx Flint McCullough and Major Seth Adams figures from the Wagon Train playset, painted by YHOS. If you look closely you can see that I left the eyes unfinished. That's because I bought some eye decals way back when I did this but never applied them. We shall see how they work out when I apply them and run the new, improved figures Real Soon Now.
Wagon Train aired from Sep 1957 to Sep 1965; on NBC until 1962, and ABC the remaining three years. In my mind the best years were the ones that featured Maj. Adams (Ward Bond) and McCullough (Robert Horton). Bond died in 1961 and was replaced by John McIntire, Horton left in 1962 and both Scott Miller and Robert Fuller took over his scouting chores. Regulars who remained throughout the series were Frank McGrath as Charlie Wooster the cook, and Terry Wilson as Bill Hawks.
One of the show's execs was Gene Roddenberry. When he went to pitch a new s-f show to producers, Star Trek, he called it "Wagon Train in space."
The first time I noticed an appaloosa horse was the one Horton rode on Wagon Train. I thought it was the strangest horse I ever saw. Years later, when I became acquainted with appies, I knew for certain they are strange. It seems every one of them has some quirk or another. I've grown to like their looks, though.


Bill Crider said...

Back in the late '50s a guy named Hank Schulte had an Appaloosa horse ranch near my hometown. Here's one guy's memory: "Also Hank Schulte was discussed. Schulte lived west of Teague on US84 on what called the Horse Ranch. During the period the Appaloosa spotted horses were the rage, he became quite big in
breeding them and had annual horse sales and blowouts and sold some high dollar horses. Among his close friends who attended was future United States President Ronald Reagan, also Texas Governor Preston Smith."

Dave Lewis said...

Hurry up and apply the decals, Cap'n. Those blank eyes are creeping me out.