Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Vet's Day

Here's a salute from the Cap'n to my brother and sister veterans. Pictured at left is Le, the mascot of my old unit in Viet Nam at Base Camp Bearcat, the 595th Engineer  Company (LE). I remember three distinct things about this old mule: 1) He was mean, 2) He was tethered at the end of a 50' rope and allowed to graze in an abandoned company area across from ours, and 3) He was promoted ahead of me.
He was later sent to Fort Riley, Kansas, and from the photo it seems he was promoted again, to sergeant. If you look closely you can see the Engineer castle insignia on his blanket.


Evan Lewis said...

Le is likely now a general and heading up the search for Bin Laden and his gang.

Anonymous said...

Say, in honor of the day, perhaps a Francis the Talking Mule film would be in order.


Happy Vets day to all the vets out there, from a guy who spent his service time in the US Army, driving tanks.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Tanks for the memories, Rick.

Le went to that big pasture in the sky many years ago, but he lived a very long life, about 30 years if I recall correctly.