Sunday, March 04, 2012

Kit of the Day

Bond, James Bond, fighting it out with Odd Job in a scene from GOLDFINGER. Note how the precise sculpting captures the dynamic action and breathtaking excitement.

Like fudge it does. I can't imagine why the company allowed this cheap-looking, stilted kit to reach the market, but it did. Fortunately, better kits from the Bond movies, including a very nice Odd Job pose, are available.
Airfix is a British firm that produced toy soldiers as well as model kits, and most of their output is very good. My guess is they either rushed this one out or couldn't find anyone skilled enough at figure sculpting to produce a convincing diorama.


pattinase (abbott) said...

I just can't wrap my head around these kits. I know about car, boat and plane kits. But ones with people sort of elude me. Do you put them together?

Cap'n Bob said...

I've done a few small (1/35) Army guys but not large people, not with as many parts. Most of the people kits are of TV/movie stars, but Aurora came out with a large line of generic types--a sailor, a Scots girl, an Indian chief, etc.