Sunday, February 02, 2014


                            43-8. Need I say more? We are the                                   best. Go Seahawks!



Evan Lewis said...

Snore. Wake me when the World Cup begins.

Kristine Napier said...

They had some outstanding touchdowns and interceptions. Truly a wonderful team. They are definitely the best.

Cap'n Bob said...

Sorry, Evan, but I sleep through the World Cup. Watching a bunch of guys in short pants chase a ball around for 90 minutes for a nil-nil score is a major yawn in my book.

Evan Lewis said...

Hm, let's review. In one game we get 90 minutes of continuous action (with a 15 minute halftime), with players risking real injury. The other guys are buried in protective body armor from head to toe and play a 60 minute game that takes four hours to complete.

Richard said...

Yes, Seahawks rule (at least for this NFL season).

Sorry, Evan, he's got you this time. Serious injury happens much more frequently in pro and college football, and about the only real action in soccer is guys running around kicking, or trying to kick a ball. Soccer is REALLY boring.

D Gary Grady said...

We should have a moment of silence for Boxer Floyd Mayweather bet $10.4 million on the Broncos.

For those who missed the Superbowl, here's an instant replay: That's Seattle on the left.

As for soccer, I really liked Stephen Colbert's reaction to a set of thrilling soccer highlights:

My brother Tom, a sportswriter who has long covered the Hammerheads pro soccer team in North Carolina and coaches soccer himself, also loved Colbert's take.

Cap'n Bob said...

I forgot about those devastating soccer injuries. Every time one of those men in short pants makes the slightest contact with another player he hits the ground in a fetal positions and rolls around crying and screaming bloody murder.

What some might call continuous action is more like continuous frustration. Ball goes left, intercepted. Ball goes right, intercepted. Left, intercepted. Right, inter...well, you get the idea. And maybe, if you're lucky, there's a heart-stopping shot on goal.

Seriously, I don't mind soccer, but I'll take American football over it any day.