Monday, August 15, 2011

Still Here

I haven't blogged in a while so I thought I'd pop in to prove I'm still alive. I had jury duty from Aug 1 for two weeks. I reported on the first two days and was never called back. I could have been doing better things but I had to wait around each evening to call in and see if I had to go down there the next morning. Grrr. I used to love jury duty because it got me out of work, but now that I'm retired it's as much a pain for me as it is for most people.

Our Chihuahua has to get surgery Wednesday. They think a bad tooth is causing the constant leaking under his right eye. Poor little pup.

Last week we went to the zoo. This is me riding a camel named Dale. I'm not a humpback, I had to sit that way to maintain my balance. Lawrence of Suburbia.

I've been on a small eBay binge recently. I'll have more to say about that soon.


Bill Crider said...

We had out cat at the vet's last week to the tune of $250. Hope your bill turns out to be manageable. You can always recoup at the casino, I suppose.

Looking forward to hearing about the eBay binge.

James Reasoner said...

We'll be thinking good thoughts for the Chihuahua. And you, too, of course.

Cap'n Bob said...

Funny you should mention the casino, Bill. See next post.

Thanks for the good thoughts, James. This treatment was way overdue and it'll be good to see the pup without the goo on his face.