Tuesday, November 22, 2011

By Popular Demand

Ok, only Bill Crider asked, but he's pretty popular, isn't he? What he wanted to know was which books I bought in Tucson. Bear in mind I had very little room in my suitcase or there would have been more:

GUNS OF ARIZONA, by Charles N. Heckelmann. A Magnum Easy Eye edition. It's about cavalrymen and takes place in Arizona, so I couldn't resist.

FORT STARK, by Wade Everett. Cavalry, Apaches, and a fort. Also takes place in Arizona.

TWO PISTOLS SOUTH OF DEADWOOD, by Merle Costiner and NO MAN'S BRAND, by William Vance. An Ace Double, which I bought for the Constiner novel. I'll read the other, too.

SLOCUM AND THE LOST COMMAND (Slocum #331), by Jake Logan. More cavalry, and I may know the author of this one.

WARRIORS OF THE PLAINS, by Karl Lassiter. Historical novel based on Fort Bent and the fur trade days. I do know the author, albeit slightly.

LONGARM AND THE VANISHING VIRGINS (Longarm #245), by Tabor Evans. I do know this author and this shortens my list of his Longarms by one. There was another of his at the same store but I rejected it for a badly creased cover.

TRAGG'S CHOICE, by Clifton Adams. This has nothing to do with the police lieutenant from Perry Mason. I'm trying to amass as many Westerns by Adams as I can.

That's it. A cowboy shirt, some postcards, and two model kits found in thrift stores round out my souvenir shopping.

The pinup is here just because I like them.

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Bill Crider said...

Not a bad haul!