Friday, October 29, 2004

Anniversary Waltz

On Oct 28 I completed 28 years of faithful (kaff-kaff) government service, which incudes the 28 months I was in the Army. Lots of 28s there. This doesn't include the 12+ years I spent as a Navy brat. I'd trade it all for a good lottery ticket.

A couple of days ago I got the Ultimate Chopper in the mail. The first time I used it I overdid the chopping and ended up with pureed onions. Yesterday I made egg salad and it came out great. The machine itself is all plastic and some parts look flimsy, but I don't imagine I'll be using it for anything strenuous and if I'm careful it won't break too soon.

Early on Thursday I watched some sports show where a bunch of alleged pundits commented on the World Series and Red Sox. Several were tripping over themselves to dismiss the Red Sox victory as nothing special and the team as a lucky bunch of misfits. Obviously these were members of the New York press corps.
What they seemed to forget is that not only did this supposedly cursed team win The Big One, they came back from an 0-3 deficit to beat the best team in the AL--a feat never before performed in baseball playoff history--then turned around and beat the best team in baseball four straight. And before this eight game rampage they'd suffered a loss that would have staggered any normal team. What was that score, 19-8?

I think a new curse is at work: The Curse of the A-Rod. Ever since that greedy bum went to Texas he's jinxed his team. And to think he could have played for Boston. The mind boggles.

I don't think Ramirez should have been the MVP, however. Anyone who makes two straight errors in the outfield shouldn't be considered for any special honor. I might have chosen Curt Schilling. At the least his performance was heroic.

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