Friday, October 22, 2004

The Week That Was

I've been enjoying a chest cold for over a week now, and even though it hasn't slowed me down a lot it's thrown off my wake/sleep cycle. And I've had some coughing fits that threatened to blow the top of my head off. So I naturally called in sick the last two days of work last week and again tonight. I have this theory that if you take one sick day people think you're goofing off. If you take several you look sick for real. And I am sick. Perhaps I'd best be described as walking wounded.

You'd think all this time sitting around the house would have been condusive to reading or writing, but that wasn't to be. All I read were chapters or stories for my critique group and while I wrote a bit, it wasn't as much as I'd hoped. Thanks, in the latter case, to one of my dear daughters leaving the power cord to my laptop behind the couch. See, I take the laptop with me to the stable and work while they have a riding lesson. Without the cord I was only able to get a short stint in before the machine "hibernated." New rule: kids keep dirty mitts of laptop.

The chopper I wrote about earlier is The Ultimate Chopper.

I'm delighted that Boston won the AL pennant, but would have preferred the Astros were representing the AL. I'm not sure we've ever had a World Series of only wild card teams. The question now is will the Curse of the Bambino manifest itself again. Anyone who saw the infamous Billy Buckner error must shudder in anticipation.

Despite the lack of time to read this past week I have started a new book. Sue Grafton's "R" is for Ricochet. Despite some flat spots in this series I'm still enjoying it. The current one starts out like The Big Sleep, with Millhone visiting an aging rich man at his home to get her assignment--a wayward daughter. We'll see where it foes from there.
The last one, by the way, would have worked better for me if there hadn't been a glaring error in the beginning. She had two deer hunters stumble over a body in the month of August. I'm sure that there isn't a state in the union that allows deer hunting in the summer. Sloppy research, and something that could have been confirmed with a simple phone call.

Last Sunday I managed to stagger up to Seattle for a toy soldier show. It's at times like that I regret not being filthy rich. I could easily have filled a truck with the figures I saw. Instead, I picked up a few pricey guys I wish I'd bought ten years ago, like three Arabs from the Captain Gallant set and three WWII Japanese soldiers made by Lido in the 1950s. Ten years ago I could have had them for 40% of what they're going for now. On the new release front I bought two different sets of Confederates and two of Union troops by a company called Conte. They do some of the best contemorary figures around, and the price was below retail. Finally, I got a bag of new Hong Kong cowboys and Indians for $2.00. Oh, and a couple of free doughnuts. Can't beat that.


Bill said...

Sorry to hear about that nasty cold, Cap'n, but those toy soldiers should help you bear up.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Dang me for a fool, of course I meant I wanted the Astros to represent the NL, not the AL.

Bill, I have my newest figures scattered around my desk, seemingly attacking me with swords, grenades, and rifles.

Dave Lewis said...

Ain't never seen a Lido Japanese, and don't see them in Geppert either. Photos please.