Sunday, October 03, 2004

The Grand Old Game

Baseball's 2004 regular season will be over later today and as the fan of a team that has lost 98 games so far all I can say is good riddance. When Seattle won it's game Friday night one of our announcers boasted that beause of that win we were guaranteed not to have a 100-loss year. Well thank god for small favors. At least we got to witness Ichiro's record-breaking single season hits record, and last night there was a farewell ceremony for Edgar Martinez. If you aren't familiar with The Gar, he's the greatest designated hitter in baseball history and one heck of a fine human being. He's underperformed this year, as have a number of players, but his lifetime stats are excellent and if there's any justice he'll be in the Hall of Fame in five years.

I'm not sure who my post season picks are, but I wouldn't mind seeing a St. Louis-Boston World Series. I don't like Atlanta or L.A. so my second NL choice would be Houston, if they get in, or S.F. if Houston doesn't.
I was a rabid Yankees fan when I was younger, but lately they aren't the team I loved and I'm not rooting for them. Not rooting against them, either, but I'd be satisfied if they were knocked off in the first round.

Getting back to my dull little world, I didn't see another infomercial for that slicer, dicer contraption so I'll worry about obtaining one some other day. I did see an infomercial for a similar machine, but it seemed to puree everything and that's not what I need.

I think I have a cold coming on. The other members of the household had them last week and I'm starting to get the early warning signs: cold body, sneezing, stuffy head, cough. I stayed home from work last night which, I note, means I haven't worked a full week since the first week of August. And next week has a holiday so I can keep my record going a little while longer.

I needed a new tricolor cartridge for my printer so I ordered a couple on line, along with a couple of black ink cartridges. It cost me $70 for the four. But I didn't want to wait until they arrived so I went to K-Mart yesterday morning and bought a lone color cartidge. Cost: $35 plus tax. What a burn. Ink cartidges are the french fries, or the Nikes, of the computer accessory market. They cost pennies to make and sell for an arm and a leg. And we're not talking about some huge cartidge that's going to last for months. This thing is about the size of a Chunky candy bar. It's tiny, miniscule, dwarfish. When I was in my twenties we had a saying: "Come the Revolution, there won't be any more__________." I'd fill in the blank with $35 printer cartidges.

I had a most enjoyable and fascinating time on this blogspot site recently. I logged on to Bill Crider's archives and read everything he posted for the past two years. There were achievements I hadn't known about, political rants I'd never heard, honors he was too modest to mention, and insights into his life I've never witnessed. SEE Bill face his imminent retirement. HEAR Bill comment on GW Bush and his cohorts. SMELL Bill's sweaty comments about jogging. TASTE Bill's savory reminiscences about his old home town. SPEAK back to him if you like. Yes, Bill's entertaining entries aren't at all senseless drivel (I should know, I'm a master of it) but insightful, intelligent looks at life through the eyes of a great observer and a man with a storehouse of cogent memories.

Yesterday I climbed up on my roof, leaned over the edge, and painted the fascia boards under the eaves along the second floor. Since we had the siding installed I can''t use a ladder against the house, so this was the only option. I don't have a problem with heights, but I still didn't enjoy the experience.

Pets? We have pets. Right now the Napier Zoo consists of two dogs (shepherd mix and Chihuahua, and the little dog's brother is a frequent visitor), a 16-year-old cat, a bunny, a rat, and two fish. That's only seven animals total, which isn't bad. In the past we've had as many as 20, but that included several rodents and a tank full of fish plus a bird or two. I told Kristine when she was small she could have a kitten when the current kitty died, but that old cat just keeps going. Admittedly, she's a good cat. She doesn't claw the furniture, prefers to crap outside, and spends most of the summer in the beauty bark out front, sleeping. In the winter she sleeps either on my waterbed or near a heat vent.


Bill said...

You are far too kind in your comments about my blog. I should have gone back and erased all that political stuff, as I have changed some of my opinions. But I'm too lazy. Besides, it was a good outlet at the time. I was in the old hometown this weekend, so look for another of those sad, insightful posts.

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